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Commercials convey your message to the public. In somewhere between 15 seconds and a minute, we can tell a whole story, show a special event or encourage people to visit you.


It all begins with a production meeting where we discuss your goals, product or service, message distribution, target audience and budget.  Given the basics, we begin by writing the script and laying out the shot list, locations and equipment needs.  At a second meeting, we present the script, a temporary voice over and shot list for your approval.  Then, based on the new schedule, we shoot the primary and B Roll footage.  Finally, we edit it all into a tightly orchestrated video complete with professional voice over, lower thirds and special effects.


We are agents for Brighthouse Networks and several other media organizations.  Working with them, we schedule your commercial to run at the most advantageous times and on the best channels to reach your targeted audience.


Thirty second commercials start at $995.00 for production and as low as $2.00 per spot on cable.

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