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Ken Burns made documentaries famous.  We use many of the same techniques to present the story of your family or business to the world.  It wasn't long ago that families were closer and more connected.  Family gatherings were events to share stories and history with the younger generation.  Many of those opportunities no longer exist.


We may no longer have the family picnic but we now have the internet and DVDs and streaming to get your story to others.  


Using a box of old photos, slides, 8mm film, 8mm tape, VHS, VHS-C, cassettes and documents we scan and convert all the disparate media to a common format and then creatively build a movie of the people, events and times of your history.  If an item is important to you, it's important to us.  We've used high school varsity letters, graduation tassels, military medals and other unusual things in a presentation.  ​ To make it interesting and entertaining we use special effects to animate elements of the show.

These documentaries can then be distributed through the internet or on DVDs.


The ​price starts at $300.00 and depends on the complexity and number of items involved and includes music.


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