QR (or Quick Response) Codes are a flexible method of transferring messages to your clients, viewers or prospects.  They can carry several kinds of information.  The most common is a website URL.  We use them to let smart phones automatically dial a number for you by pointing the phone at the code.  Other formats include the Vcard, text, MP3, SMS, Facebook and PDFs.  Codes are custom designed with the type of information and colors and images. Codes start at $25.00.


E-mail request

QR Code to send a pre-addressed e-mail for a request or question.

VCard Contact Information

QR Code to load all contact information directly to the smart phone.

Load Photos to your phone.

QR Code to go directly to a series of swipeable photos.

Wild Zebra Media URL

QR Code to go directly to the Wild Zebra Media website.

Go Directly to a Facebook page.

QR Code to go directly to a Facebook page.

Pure Dental YouTube Video.

QR Code to go directly to a YouTube video.

HomeWatch YouTube Video

QR Code to go directly to a YouTube video.

Custom Phone Number

QR Code to dial a phone number directly from the scan.

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